Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag Review

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag Review It is just incredible that my great search for a diaper bag is finally over. This is all thanks to Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag. I actually never had an idea that great diaper bags still exist until I came across this one. It has some of the most compelling features that any other person out there would love. Before I came across this awesome bag, I had tried several others with no success of getting the best. Most of them lasted for only few months and wore off. This is however never the case with Skip Hop Versa Diaper bag. It is one of the bags that you will certainly fall in love with.

It might interest you to know that this is my sixth month to use this particular bag. I have actually seen nothing wrong with it even after the lapse of the sixth month. In fact, the bag still remains as new as it was when I bought it. The best thing about the whole deal is that the bag is not expensive. It sounds great to have a diaper bag which is considerably cheap yet of top quality, right? This is exactly what I enjoy with Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag.

Here are more interesting things about this diaper bag:

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Key Features

  • Expandable Center – Initially I thought that this bag cannot carry much baby stuff. However, I came to realize that my speculations and worries were not valid. It surprised me to know that the bag is large enough to accommodate everything that my baby would require when we are out there. This is because the bag bears an expandable center which makes the bag larger by 20%.
  • Insulated Pockets – It blew my mind to know that this bag has the capacity to keep my baby’s milk warm for a remarkably long time. This is because this bag comes with insulated pockets which prevent milk from losing much heat. In this regard, you can drop the hustle of carrying large flasks around.
  • Stroller Attachments – In most cases, I love moving around with my baby in a stroller. In this regard, I required a bag that will help me move conveniently with the stroller. Skip Hop Versa is just what I was looking for. The bag comes with a stroller attachment to enable parents hook it on for easy navigation.

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Style And Comfort (5/5)

The truth is that I like the classic yet modern style featured by this bag. It is made in such a manner that both classic and modern traits are visible in it. I absolutely feel that this bag perfectly matches with my taste.

In addition, the bag is completely comfortable for me. It comes with the best straps for easy carrying. You can opt to carry it on your shoulders or better still hook it on the stroller. The feature is designed to ensure complete comfort for parents. I believe that 5 star is a justified rating for this feature.

Material (5/5)

I have for long looked for a bag made of fabric material. Skip Hop Versa came to serve as exactly what I was looking for. The bag features a material which is easy to maintain. It is also soft to wash. Not to mention, the material is remarkably strong. I would with not doubt advocate for this particular material over and over again.

In addition, the bag is fitted with metallic zips. This is to ensure that they do not get ruined fast. Note that metallic zips are not easy to break and they are durable.

Care (5/5)

I certainly like the fact that taking care of this bag is a simple deal. It actually takes me a very short time to have the bag sparkling clean. In fact, it is more of fun than a hustle to wash this bag. Important to note, you will not be required to wash the bag each and every day. The material used to make it is dirt resistant hence reducing the burden of cleaning it repeatedly.

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Verdict (5/5)

I always give credit where it is due. Sincerely speaking, this particular bag deserves credit. It has some of the most useful features not to be found in other brands. In addition, it is cheap and affordable. I actually thought that the bag is remarkably expensive bearing in mind the kind of features it has. To my surprise, the bag was completely affordable to me.

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