Kinbuilt Unisex Diaper Bag Review

If you are looking for a modern and rugged diaper bag, Kinbuilt is the first choice for you. Its stay-open and structured design is a unique one in the market and is inspired by a classic tool bag. This makes finding things faster and organizing things in a better way to be more practical.

This is a unisex diaper bag which is easy to carry and has a great look. It is currently available in 2 colors: Grey and Black and offers additional accessories like changing pad and stroller straps, to hold the bag on your stroller handle, which are really useful when you are going out with kids.

Its one of a kind design helps you to organize things in a smarter way and keep a lot of stuff inside the bag as compared to putting them in your pockets or carrying multiple bags for small stuff. Perfectly suited for young mom and dads to keep their stuff handy and find things quickly when they are in need.

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Key Features

The Kinbuilt unisex diaper bag comes with multiple features like:

  • Stay-open style bag which is created based upon the tool bag construction
  • Helps you find items easier and keep them organized
  • Spacious inside with rectangular volume thereby increasing the storage space
  • Padded body from inside with a wider footprint so that it doesn’t tip over
  • Durable YKK zippers and rugged Duraflex hooks, glides and clips.
  • Waterproof bottom and water-resistant shell with all wipe-clean surfaces.

For more features, please see the video below:

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Style And Comfort (5/5)

This bag is super stylish and gives a formal look to the person carrying it. It is suited for both men and women and gives a very mature look to the person who is carrying it. Once you open it, you can see how well organized your stuff is and how you can easily locate things specially when there are a lot of things that go into a diaper bag.

It comes with 20 storage pockets that separate baby essentials with parent’s stuff and are very easy to organize things into. It also has a waterproof tarpaulin bottom, portable changing mat and seat belt webbing stroller and shoulder straps. Perfect for style without compromising on the quality and ease of putting things.

Material (5/5)

It is made up of water resistant shell and a waterproof bottom that keeps it safe during rain or spilling situations. It is also safe for kids to play with. It is actually a very nice strategy to keep everything dry specially in the case when there are a lot of liquids in the bag which always have a chance of spilling.

The shoulder straps are also comfortable and are padded to provide extra cushion to your shoulders.

Care (5/5)

Since this bag is quite spacious and in rectangular shape, cleaning it is very easy. Just remove all the things from inside and use a moist cloth to wipe everything. The same can be done for all the compartments that are provided inside. The straps are removable and can be washed and dried before using them again. The outside of the bag can also be cleaned with a wet cloth in order to remove any stains from it.

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Verdict (5/5)

Overall this bag combines style and practicality. There is a lot of space inside that can be used for baby’s as well as parent’s stuff which comes very handy at the time when you have a lot of stuff to carry. The water resistant stuff makes sure that the cleaning part is all taken care of easily while the shoulder straps provide great comfort while carrying it.

Perfectly suited for all moms and dads, this bag is one of the best ones available in the market today. Offering a style statement in widely accepted colors, it is one of the most accepted choices of customers today.

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