JJ Cole System Diaper Bag Review

JJ Cole System Diaper Bag ReviewI have for a long time developed great passion for JJ Cole products. I have actually tried other baby diaper bags from this company and I must confess that they are just incredible. Sometimes back, I was delivered with twin girls and so I had to replace my previous JJ Cole bag with a bigger one. This is because this time I got twins hence the need for more space for my personal effects and those of my babies. I was so fortunate to know that the same JJ Cole has another diaper bag model which can serve mothers with twins in the best way ever.

JJ Cole System Diaper bag has a great deal of unique things and added advantages. In fact, I cannot opt for another bag for my twin daughters other than JJ Cole System Diaper Bag. It is one of the high quality diaper bags which can simply never be compared with others out there. I will certainly go for this bag over and over again since it is exactly what I had thirsted for all along.

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Key Features

  • Enough Space For Everything- This is actually the core feature that drew me to this bag. Like is said earlier, I am now a mother of twins. I therefore had every need to get a bag that would accommodate every stuff that my babies require when away from home. One good thing about JJ Cole System Diaper Bag is that it can accommodate as many baby stuff as possible. It is deep yet wide to ensure that you are not limited to carry certain things and not others.
  • Insulated Bottle pockets- I love this bag even more knowing that I can carry my babies’ milk hot for a long time. The manufacturer of this bag actually understand the agony that mothers go through carrying large flasks along all in the name of keeping their baby’s milk hot. I love the fact that I carry my babies’ milk in ordinary bottles and still keep it hot. This is because the bag comes with insulated pockets.
  • Stroller Attachments- With this bag, I never face any challenges when moving around with my babies’ stroller. This is because the bag can be hooked on the stroller for utmost convenience for mothers.

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Style & Comfort (4.8/5)

I wonder what I would be looking for in other bags when JJ Cole System offers me utmost comfort. Despite the fact that the bag is big, I can carry it along without getting tired fast. It features a style which is purposely meant to keep parents comfortable when they are out with their babies.

Additionally, the stroller attachments further enhance the comfort of this bag. You will not necessarily require carrying the bag with your arms. You can simply hook it on the stroller and still be fine. I actually carry the bag in different positions but my favorite one is attaching it to the stroller. Not to mention, the style of this bag allows me to access all its contents without much hustle.

Material (5/5)

The manufacturer of this bag understands that it can be very hectic to maintain a baby diaper bag. In this regard, the bag is made in a manner that taking care of it is never a big deal. I love the simplicity I face when washing the bag. It is made of nylon which does not take long to clean and dry up.

In addition, the nylon material prevents my baby diapers from getting wet any time it rains when I am outside home. The material is water resistant.

Care (4.8/5)

The truth is that some of the brands I had tried before (aside from JJ Cole) gave a very tough time to clean and maintain. This was not long until I came across this great bag. JJ Cole System Diaper Bag has some of the greatest features to ensure that parents do not face problems when taking care of it. To begin with, the bag is made of nylon which is very easy to clean. You can simply wipe the bag from outside and leave it sparkling.

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Verdict (4.9/5)

If there were other options at my disposal with JJ Cole system diaper bag included, I would still consider JJ Cole System. This is with regard to the great things I have enjoyed from this bag. I simply could not look for any other brand. It is just a perfect match for me and my lovely twins.

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